Ceylon Sencha Green Tea


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Sencha green tea has been prepared using the Japanese steaming process. A delicate tasting tea with a character synonymous with this style of manufacture.
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Product Description

BodyMedium to Strong
IngredientGreen Tea
J recomendedPremium on its own
Brew2g per Tea cup, 3 to 5 minutes at 100oC


Sencha tea is a type of Ceylon green tea that is prepared by infusing the processed entire tea leaves with hot water. Sencha is produced from green tea leaves that are cultivated in direct sunlight. The leaves are carefully hand-harvested and the leaves of the upper shoots (the younger shoots) are used because they are of higher quality. Once the tea leaves have been plucked, they are steamed to prevent oxidation. The leaves are then dried and rolled. Once they are rolled, the leaves attain the classic needle shape and by this process the juice inside the leaves is released thereby intensifying the flavor of the tea. When brewed Sencha tea has a greenish-golden hue and the flavor of the tea is dependent on the temperature of the water. If the water is warm, the flavor will be rich and full-bodied whereas if hot water is used, the tea has a sharper, stronger flavor.
Sencha green tea has been found to be beneficial in controlling blood sugar and the polyphenols that are found in the green tea leaves have the ability to increase the body’s rate of metabolism, thus helping the body to effectively burn fat and helping you to lose weight. For your chance to enjoy a delicious, healthy cup of green tea that people the world over enjoy – you can purchase Sencha green tea in Australia from J & U.

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