Community (People)

  It’s Me and You!

We can broadly divide our community into two categories. Our people/community and external community/People who make it easier for us to manage.

J&U brand which is the main brand of Ceylon Tea Bags which is an associate member Company of imperial group. Our revenue contributes to group staff well-being and development.

As we are established as a third world country, home income generation and finding jobs is not that easy.

You as a part of our community contribute to this worthy cause with every purchase of our Premium Tea.

We thank you for that.

Our community/Our People

Thank you!

We are a small company. Our company Ceylon tea bags has less than 10 employees.  Company was established 1996 October 08th.  Recently company appointed Jeewaka Karunaratne as a Director to expand company activity.  With his experience and passion he re-established company vision to diversified social enterprise.  As a company business activity was supply private label and small scale brand called J&U to embed our vision.

Ceylon Tea bags is part of IMPERIAL Group  . We share resources within group.

Imperial Teas was a dream child of a few dedicated people who wanted to supply Pure Ceylon Tea to the world. The Company was formed in 1994 under the leadership of Mr. Jayantha Karunaratne who is to date the Managing Director. It was a very tough battle that had to be fought. Fortunately for us, we had the unstinted support and selfless dedication with which we managed to over come all barriers and to establish ourselves and to be what we are today. As a result of this achievement we are today under one roof housing a state of the art factory with modern tea blending and packing machinery. We also provide our staff transport to and from office, an annual medical campaign is conducted where a full medical check up is done. We also provide the staff an annual get together and a Christmas party for the whole family.

At present there are over 150 workers employed by our group and each one is provided with an annual medical check up. In addition to the Doctors’ and hospital charges, all medicines prescribed are also provided free of charge. The workers are also provided twice a year with gift vouchers to enable them to celebrate the Sinhala and Tamil New Year and Christmas. Their children are provided with school books and scholarships etc.

Our External community/People

Brand is about Education, Love and care.

As the brand started in 2015, we have less activity to mention about our external community. Our external community includes all the people who affect and effect due to our brand activities.

As we look, we see our nearest people as our supply chain.

To start helping our external community, our supplier chain we extended to low income suppliers.

2015 foals

We love to extend these programs in to Australia, but our revenue is not sufficient as we are just starting the brand.

 Our coffee bag supplier Premises