Our quality of product

Our packaging presentation question mark
Do you want to pay for the packaging /presentation? 

        What for? 

It taste good due to premium tea and you feel better because you help small family. 

I assure you that our quality of product is of a very high standard. I personally tasted and through 

relationship with tea industry I sourced best quality tea for you. 

Regarding packaging, as our support to society, I am not keen in high quality of packaging presentation. I 

am keener on the development of rural area income through our packaging.  Though our product 

packaging is not up to the high standards, packaging presentation is maintained to a certain acceptable 


J&U brand sell two things; Premium products and the concept of helping the society to see a better future as we live. 

Buy our premium tea and help the society. 

Why do you want to pay for presentation of packaging!.