For generation to generation, find education, love and care


 When you come to planet, we should think for generations. Generation to live with education, find love and care.

We should ask question why we live! Are we live to be like robots without love and care?

 As we started we have thought children need education, love and care. Which they will protect the planet rather we spending on planet environment such as pollution, water, corruption, and etc.  We need to tackle this problem from the seeds, which are children.

J believe children with proper education, love and care will create sustainable planet.

Internally, we also started energy conservation by implementing ISO 50001.

Energy Conservation


As initial step, we have taken steps to implement ISO 50001.  This standard helps reduce energy use and therefore energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions.  Further details regarding the standard could be obtained from

We have done our Energy audit and calculated the present carbon emissions. As a initial step towards ISO 50001, we are fixing energy calculation meters to monitor our energy consumption.  We are not buying carbon credit to reduce our emissions; we actually working towards using less emission.

Audit report suggests certain measures to implement. If we were to implement those measures, we reduce carbon emission by 13%. As a brand starting, we will follow below goals to better sustainable enterprise and planet.





Invest in Renewable Energy

As we go we will invest in renewable energy to reduce our energy consumption.


For our community

As we sell products through our website, our portion of profit contribute to sustainable environment, which includes you also as a part of the chain. As you buy our products indirectly your carbon emission has reduced as you contribute towards it.  As a small holder still we are not in a position to calculate your contribution for reducing carbon foot print, but as time comes we may implement such procedure that our community will feels good.