Hand Made Tea

Hand Made Tea

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This category is mainly regarding J&U handmade teas. These tea are premium.
  • Jayachakra
    Lumbini Jayachakra is a Gold award winning tea of the specialty tea competition held in Japan 2010 Which is acknowledged the product as the best invention. This specialty tea was innovated by the Lumbini team and it is produced exclusively by Lumbini in limited quantities. The whole two leaves and bud is used to make the tea which resemble a shape of a ring. We call it JAYACHAKRA
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  • Kesari
    Loosely hand twisted long leaves used to make the tea. It looks like a lotus bud. We use one bud for a small pot. While you boiling, the leaves get opened with good aroma. It is called Kesari. This tea is also a unique creation of Team Lumbini.
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  • Ladalu Chakra

    Ladalu chakra is the greener version of Lumbini Jayachakra tea. The whole two leaves and bud is used to make the tea. This is a creation of team Lumbini. Ladaluchakra was awarded as the best new product in 2014in USA at the world tea expo 2014 in Long beach California. Lighter in cup and gives a delicious taste for the full mouth.

    For Award details please visit: http://www.2luxury2.com/world-tea-awards-2014/

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