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Over the past few years as people around the world have become more health conscious, the demand for green tea in Australia has increased. Ceylon Green Tea is harvested from selected tea bushes that grown in the cool climes of the world famous hill country tea growing province in the central highlands of Sri Lanka. The unique climate conditions of the hill country allows for production of succulent leaves and buds that are hand-picked and then produced by a unique manufacturing process. Green tea is the best Ceylon tea that is renowned for having numerous health benefits. Since the green tea leaves do not undergo oxidation they have a higher level of antioxidants and vitamins that ensure that a single cup of this delicious tea is not only good for the mind but also for the body. The health benefits range from improving the health of your heart by lowering blood pressure and cholesterol levels, improves your brain function by increasing brain activity and enhancing your memory power and keeps your skin healthy and hydrated enabling it to appear fresher and brighter. People also enjoy green tea for weight loss benefits as well. Pure Ceylon Green Tea provides you with a distinctive taste and aroma as it has a rich, complex body with a wonderful flavor. A single cup of Ceylon Green Tea will soothe your mind, calm your soul and leave you feeling rejuvenated. J and U Elite Tea brings you the best Ceylon tea in Australia and you have to look no further to purchase your pack of Ceylon loose leaf green tea – you can enjoy a delicious healthy cuppa every day!