Ethical Sourcing


                     J believes success is with people. People who protects and will be protecting, which called small family.


Ethical sourcing is practice which contributes to taking caring and fairly buying. This practice leads to good governance.

At J&U what we say as ethical sourcing?

We do not buy Tea or Coffee from farmer as our volume is small, but we contribute to supply chain of material purchasing to low income families. We want to actively engage in ethical sourcing practices rather than donating to a group outside where we know actual growth in relevant family.

In reality ethical sourcing consists of where no Bribery and corruption, labour rights, working condition, child labour etc.

For our supplier chain we have not ignored supply chain family due to insufficient infrastructure or where family working together to feed their stomach.  If we ignored as normal ethical sourcing practice who will be supporting to their stomach.

Of course, at our expense we make sure supply products are hygienically suitable for consumption. 

In keeping up with the tradition of sustainable development, we source all our raw materials from source (direct purchases) with special emphasis on cottage industries and small entrepreneurs. There by we circumvent the traditional procedure of calling for quotations from middle men who pose as suppliers and retain a part of our purchase price as profit to themselves. By this we ensure that the rural folk receive the true value of their product and as a result are ensured of a comfortable livelihood. With this additional income they are able to build better houses with brick and mortar instead of wattle and daub, acquire modern cooking utensils, obtain electricity instead of using the dangerous kerosene oil lamps, better clothing and also educate their children to be responsible citizens

At J&U, we help our people to have long-term sustainability life for generations as you buy our premium products.