About the brand

J&U is the idea of a honest humble crazy and brilliant person who love the family, therefore he will protect and devote his life to make the life happy for generations. As far as possible he will look after the environment to make his family safe and create a beautiful atmosphere so that his family can enjoy the life to its best. He is always endeavouring to make life happy for generations.

                          So he is nice guy to have in the family.


                          Better future for generations


This brand concept was created through the passion of Jeewaka. He wanted to ensure a  better world generations to come.

Small brief of the concept below;

The concept of this brand is to be a social brand affiliated with uplifting the mind set of all human beings. It is energetic, social, devotion, dedication, innocence, and fun.

How do we embed this in our society?

 The ever changing corporate rat race has adversely effected our environment and has evolved on to a commercial warfare and the human values have started deteriorating. To overcome this issue, how can we reconnect to be responsible citizens of the world?

From the childhood these values are to be embedded to their lives and the brand will effectively manage physical and educational activities to have a “Happy life for generations”.

There are many programs that are active through different corporates as a give back to society. Should this responsibility be given to corporates only?

Is it sufficient and have we overcome this issues?

No, there is still enough and more room that we can effectively involve. We need to make people aware of how they could be a part of a responsible society.

Our objective is to educate, creating love and care and act as humans to guide our younger generations as much as we stress the importance of Technology.  By creating proper childhood we think we can make a better world.


                          Not fancy shelf


Brand exclusivity does not mean we can be accessed only buy a segment. J & U’s exclusivity is due to the value it creates by being a socially responsible brand with the values that the brand will in turn give back to the society. The products that carry the brand have ethical pricing affordable to a premium segment and the upper middle segment of the market. Exclusive means it is how consumer perceives the brand and not keeping products on fancy shelves.


About logo


 Meaning                 :J is Jeewak
 U is brand consumer
 & we combine
  Elite is we serve to “a select group that is superior in terms of ability or qualities to the rest of a group or society”
 Colors                     :J is blue
 & U is platinum
 Elite is white
 Green is for to say it is social positive brand
 Colors meaning     :Blue is for trust
 Platinum is for superior such as we serve to our consumer’s superior
 White is for neutral and clean
 Green is for to say it is social positive brand


Logo evolved process

 Jeewaka wanted to have emblem as a logo, which he wanted to bring trust and credibility to brand. Oshadhi helped to design the logo 2013. First logo is like below;





It was design to sell coffee. With management decision and to progress with the brand tea bought to the product portfolio.

Initially J was Jayantha (Jeewaka father), Jeewaka and Jalinda (His brother).

To create ownership, it was told by his father to name J as Jeewaka only.




  • Deepal chandrasekara

  • Prabash Kobalawithana

  • Oshadhi Somasinghe

  • Rasika wickaramasinghe

  • Wasantha Gunawardana

  • Hemantha Samaranayake

  • Hemantha Fernando

  • Namal Jayasekara

  • Nadeeka wickramasignhe

  • Vishaka Gamage

  • Rajith Kobalawithana