The current hot trend in food around the world is matcha tea! However there are still so many people who do not know what sets matcha tea apart from the traditional green tea and the question that continues to rise is – what is matcha?

Matcha powder is essentially a finely ground powder that is composed from green tea leaves. Although Matcha powder is a fairly new concept to most countries, it has been a vital component of Japanese tea ceremonies for many centuries. Since matcha tea is in powder format, instead of having to steep the tea leaves and discard them, using matcha powder ensures that you will be drinking all of it and thereby be able to take full advantage of all the nutritional benefits. 

Matcha powder has a strikingly bright emerald green color and an exceptionally unique flavor. Since matcha is the powdered form of green tea leaves it has a greater potency than its leafy counterpart and in terms of flavor it has earthy elements with notes of sweetness. You can now enjoy the unique taste of matcha tea when you buy tea online from the comfort of your own home.

The Nutritional Benefits

As matcha powder is derived from and composed of green tea leaves, matcha powder is abounding in antioxidants known as catechins which play a vital role in fighting inflammation as well as polyphenols which are natural compounds that are associated with many health benefits.  These elements help to protect the body against debilitating diseases such as certain types of cancer and heart disease which have become significantly prevalent in today’s society. Studies have been done that have found that drinking matcha has been associated to improved memory and increased attention.


How can matcha powder be used?

Matcha can be enjoyed hot or cold and can even be integrated and used in various cooking techniques.

To be enjoyed hot, the matcha powder is whisked into hot (not boiling) water until it becomes frothy – essentially it forms a suspension whilst green tea leaves produce an infusion.

One of the unique qualities of matcha and one for which it is currently trending is the use of matcha powder in cooking. Let’s take a look at some of the ways in which you can incorporate matcha powder into your cooking to produce delicious and healthy food!

Healthier Beverages
You may end up spending a huge amount for coffee and on bottled tea drinks which are full of sugar and calories! Instead of adding on calories, you can now make your own delicious matcha drink in the comfort of your own home by simply whisking some matcha powder into hot or cold water (depending on how you want it) and adding some honey.
You can also make your own home-made latte by serving matcha with some freshly steamed milk!

Delicious Stir Fry and Noodles
Stir fries and noodle bowls are the current go-to meal for all of us that have busy on-the-run lifestyles. For a unique change to your stir fry sauce, you can add a few teaspoons of matcha to your mix of soy sauce, ginger, garlic and honey. Add the sauce into your skillet/stir fry pan with your choice of vegetables and meat (chicken, prawns, beef etc.) You can enjoy a stir fry with a difference that you’ll surely recommend to your friends too!

Enjoy your grains with a difference
Believe it or not, matcha powder can be added to the water when you’re cooking grains such as oats or rice. You can start with adding 2 teaspoons per cup of liquid (milk or water) and then add more to taste. For another unique variation, you can sprinkle a mix of cinnamon, matcha powder and sea salt over your freshly popped popcorn.

Spice Mixes
Matcha powder can also be used as part of savory or sweet spice mixes. Add a teaspoon of matcha (you can add more depending on your preference) to your spice mix and you can then use the mix as a marinade for your meat, as part of your salad dressing or even as a rub for fish and poultry before grilling or baking.

Baked Goods
The most popular way in which matcha is being used in the cooking industry today is by incorporating the powder into the baked goods recipes. You can add a few teaspoons of matcha powder into your muffin batter, cookie dough or even into your pancake mix.
Matcha powder can also be used as a natural coloring ingredient – you can brighten your plain white icing recipes with a striking pop of bright emerald green!  

Chocolates with a difference
Matcha powder is such a versatile ingredient that it can even be used in your favorite desserts! There are many popular chocolate companies that are infusing chocolate with matcha and you too can enjoy these delicious matcha infused chocolates together with dried fruits or nuts as a guilt free snack during the day.

Looking at all the versatile ways in which matcha powder can be used it seems like you can try something new every day. You can buy green tea online and purchase matcha powder, enjoy matcha as a hot or cold beverage or try something new by adding matcha into your favorite recipes.