Rural area income


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This blog is to have a discussion about rural area income development. Probably you may know with the development of the world there has been a growth in the segment for low income holders. This may be due to transition of human power to machinery.

Due to lack of family planning (education) low income holders have large families and they can’t afford to give children education. 

With our brand we are trying to give better future for children. As first phase we selected lo income holders from North of Sri Lanka to prepare our inner pack. This will generate direct income for them rather than the brand giving back from it’s own profit to society. As it is not freebee, low income holders get motivated, happy and comfortable. 

I have seen when there is freebee, less fortunate people get really uncomfortable. With this process we give them the same status as a business woman. That is why they are motivated, happy and comfortable. Apart from business these women learn about handcraft and also occupy themselves for proper purposes.

If I use a large printing company to print my inner pack, I would have paid them LKR. 11.00 to LKR 15.00. By preparing Palmyra pack in north I pay those families LKR 60.00. This is a start. When my volume grows these families benefit more due to my less overhead such as transport.

You may ask then why products are more than AUD 10.00, this is total cost in the supply chain to reach you (consumer), such as manufacture cost, transport, marketing money, etc. Yes I also benefit from your purchases, that is why we follow 3Ps concept (People, Planet and Profit). When brand gets more popular, overheads will be less due to volume and low income holder benefit at much higher rate.

As brand support for better future for generations, LKR 60.00 per Palmyra pack indirectly effect children of those families’ well –being such as hunger, education and etc.

Children are our future.

What do you think about this cause? Ultimately U (consumer) are the one who value the brand for what I (J) do.