• Chinese tea has a history of over 3,000 years

China can be considered as the homeland of tea. It is still one of the biggest industries that exist within the country. You can buy green tea online from a large number of Chinese vendors.

  • Tea is the second most popular beverage within China

Apart from water, tea can be considered as the second most popular beverage within China. It is possible for you to locate tea houses in every corner of the country. There are some dedicated tea culture cities within the country as well.

  •  Tea was initially used as a medicine by people in China

Chinese people used tea as a medicine before 8th Century BC. Chinese people believed that tea has the ability to improve eyesight and reduce heat within the body. Chinese people still buy loose tea online to be given as antipyretics to small children.

  •  Tea is the oldest export product

China is one of the biggest exporters in today’s world. However, tea can be considered as the oldest export product out of them. Tea produced in China was exported to many other parts in the world.

  •  Chinese tea has different flavors

It has been identified that tea produced in different areas of China have different flavors. Moreover, different religions that exist within the country grow different varieties of tea as well. You will be able to buy flavoured tea as a result of these variations.

  •  Price of some teas increase along with time

Several types of tea can be considered as excellent investment commodities. That’s because their value increases along with time. White tea and Pu’er tea can be considered as perfect examples to prove the above mentioned fact.

  •  Chinese people serve tea to their elders to show respect

According to the Chinese culture, serving tea is a way to show respect towards others. As a result, Chinese people tend to serve tea to their elders. You can commonly see this tradition during the celebration times, such as the spring festival or birthdays.

  •  Chinese people lose weight with tea

Some variants of tea have the ability to help people lose weight. People in China are aware of this fact. As a result, they consume tea with the objective of losing weight and to stay away from all the side effects that can take place due to obesity.

  •  Tea is an excellent social media

People in China prefer to meet their friends in teahouses, which are located throughout the country. It is one of the best methods available for them to socialize with others.

  •  Chinese people prefer to get the best tea sets

Last but not least, you should keep in mind that Chinese people believe the tea sets can create a tremendous impact on the quality of tea. As a result, they prefer to purchase the best tea sets.