Uva can be considered as one of the remote provinces in Sri Lanka. However, it has been able to receive world attention by the production of high quality tea. In fact, a considerable percentage of people who are looking forward to buy tea online prefer to go ahead with Ceylon Uva tea. Therefore, it is important to have a clear understanding on what exactly Uva tea is and what has contributed towards its popularity.

Uva province is located in the southeast of Sri Lanka. It is the second least populated province that can be found in Sri Lanka. Since eastern slopes of the central mountains can be found within this province, tea production takes place in a large scale. Usually, production of tea takes place in high altitudes, which range in between 1,000m and 1,700m. Due to this altitude, both mid grown teas and high grown teas are produced.

Uva province of Sri Lanka has got a unique climate. People who are looking forward to buy loose tea that offers a unique taste prefer to select Uva because of the unique flavor delivered with unique climate. Uva province is strategically located in the rain shadow of Central Mountains. The region receives ample rainfall throughout the year, especially in the end of the year. But from July to October, dry winds flow across the region.

Most desirable harvests of Ceylon Uva tea are obtained in between August and October. Dry winds have created a tremendous impact behind the above mentioned fact. Dry winds that Uva province receives cannot be found in any other province of Sri Lanka. Therefore, favorable conditions exist for the production of a unique variant of tea in Uva.

Unique characteristics that are associated with Ceylon Uva tea are popular in every corner of the world. Production of tea within Uva province was started by Sir Thomas Lipton. Since then, this variant of tea has been able to maintain its smooth and mellow tea. Therefore, it is possible to distinguish Uva tea from the other variants with minimum hassle.

Due to the unique flavor, Uva tea has become extremely popular in every corner of the world. If you go to a reputed online store to buy loose leaf tea, there is a high possibility for you to find Ceylon Uva tea. In other words, people who live in every corner of the world are provide with the opportunity to purchase Ceylon Uva tea. All you need to do is to go ahead and take a look at the available options before you purchase.

If you are interested in enjoying a unique variant of tea, look no further because Ceylon Uva tea is one of the greatest options available in the market to consider. You would absolutely love what is being offered to you by Uva tea. It can impress your taste buds and you would highly recommend this variant of tea to your loved ones as well.