For most people, coffee plays an important part of their lives. Some need that morning coffee to give them the boost they need to start a new day, others enjoy relaxing throughout the day with the odd cup. Or maybe to compliment the end of an enjoyable supper.

Coffee has definitely gained popularity in the last few years. With coffee shops popping up everywhere – it is clearly big business. But, have you ever wondered where your coffee comes from and the actual story behind its journey to you?

Most of us will never find out, but the need to research where it originates from, whilst being aware that growers and staff are treated fairly and kindly is on the rise. In recent studies, Australian’s support for fair-trade items is on the increase and rather excitingly, making it worthwhile for new businesses to start building strong foundations for the future. This all means that tea and coffee products which have been sourced, with a guarantee that the producers have been paid reasonably, are a more regular feature on our shelves in general supermarkets. Rather than having to hunt high and low for every day, fair-trade goods in specialist shops.

Here at J&U we got different approach. Rather sustainability we thought of creating better future generations by helping children who are less fortunate. There are enough big brands for helping industry sustainability. Our gunny pack done by small business owner, so his children benefiting from J&U brand when you buy coffee online in Australia. This is due to under prevailing law we can’t approach children directly.

Children are our future. Buying J&U you will be happy because child like yours will educate without hunger….