Due to its cool, yet humid climatic conditions, coupled with regular rainfall and sunshine, Sri Lanka has become renowned world-wide for its supply of quality loose leaf tea. Perhaps most famous, is J&U’s fragrant black tea varieties that have been exported around the globe for years. The beautifully-scented Ceylon variety is exclusive found in the verdant fields of Sri Lanka, offering a rich aroma and zesty flavor. In fact, Ceylon tea has even been noted for its strong anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties, making it one of the most beneficial varieties of tea for health & wellbeing.


Perhaps most attractively for some, is that Ceylon contains around half to a third of caffeine than a regular cup of coffee – meaning drinkers still feel the ‘waking up’ effect without the negative reactions that coffee often causes.  It has been widely noted that Ceylon should be coupled with high quality, or even purified water in order to fully experience is wide range of benefits to the body, including its immune boosting properties, relaxing effect, and metabolism promotion.


However, the water quality is not the single most important aspect – it’s the quality of tea. If you buy tea online Australia, make sure you choose a reputable supplier, such as J&U. Here, we provide a selection of delicious, authentic Ceylon varieties, including Ruhuna,  Dimbula, Kandy and the more traditionally enjoyed, English Breakfast.


To view their full range, or to make a purchase online, visit J&U at https://www.jandu.com.au/