Tea which is used in the production of tea bags can be sat on shelves for anything up to a few months. It is mass produced and while sitting on shelves for so long can really loose its flavour, growing stale before it even reaches your cupboards. Bagged tea contains stems and seeds which means the tea tastes more bitter than it really should. Only the finest ingredients are used to produce loose leaf tea.

Buying tea leaves costs more but buying tea this way is actually more economical than you might think. As the leaves are so flavoursome and much stronger, you can re-steep and use several times. You definitely won’t be forfeiting money for quality. As well as saving money in the long run, you can be sure that your carbon foot print will be decreasing as you start experiencing the beauty that is fresh tea.

Storing your tea is quite straight forward. It needs to be kept in an air tight container, not glass – an opaque container is ideal so sunlight cannot penetrate and damage the leaves. Darkness is good – in a cupboard somewhere but away from strong spices as leaves can pick up the odour.

Black tea would be your alternate choice in place of coffee for a restorative, motivational feeling. Whereas green tea is very popular around the world, probably due to its amazing health benefits.

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