You would have heard about many different types of tea, but have you ever heard about purple tea? Yes, it exists and has received much attention during the recent past for amazing health benefits offered. Due to this reason, most of the people who search to buy tea online have started spending their money on purple tea.


What exactly is purple tea?


Like all other types of tea, purple tea originates from Camellia Sinensis plant. Green tea and black tea also originates from this plant. Purple tea is widely grown by people in Kenya. This variety of tea usually grows in high altitudes, which have an elevation in between 4,500 to 7,500 feet above sea level. Due to this altitude, tea plants receive a high level of UV rays. As a result, these plants would produce a high amount of anti-oxidants. This takes place naturally to provide enhanced protection to leaves against damage. Genetic mutation that takes place during this process is responsible for delivering a purple color to this variant of tea.


What are the health benefits of purple tea?


The amazing health benefits offered by purple tea have made it a popular option among individuals who buy tea online Australia. It has been identified that purple tea has the ability to deliver a combination of benefits offered by black tea and green tea. This variant of tea has the ability to provide enhanced protection to you against a variety of cardiovascular diseases. In addition, the high amount of anti-oxidants present in purple tea can control your blood sugar levels, metabolism and cholesterol. You can also improve your vision and experience a variety of anti-cancer benefits with this variant of tea.


It has been identified that caffeine content in purple tea is much lower when compared to green tea and black tea. If you are concerned about the negative effects of caffeine when you buy tea leaf online, you can go for purple tea without keeping any doubts in your mind.


Just like green tea, it is possible for you to find a high level of catechin in purple tea is as well. This is one of the strongest anti-oxidants that you can find in green tea. It is powerful enough to permeate blood brain barrier in an effective manner. This fact has been proven from a variety of studies conducted in the past as well.


You will also be able to find GHC, which is a special polyphone type in purple tea. You will not be able to find this ingredient in any other type of tea available in the market. It can effective reduce the thickness and mass of fat while improving lean body mass. As a result, green tea is in a position to deliver amazing results to people who are looking forward to achieve their weight loss efforts.