About J


About me (J)


I am Jeewaka. If you have all gone through the brand page of the site you know the meaning of J&U and what it stands for.

Regarding me, I was born in 1983 went to government school in Sri Lanka and graduated from Monash University.

My father always believes in helping others. I think I have inherited this quality. My father is the Managing director of one of the top 10 tea companies in Sri Lanka. He has appointed me to manage his associate company. Ceylon Tea Bags is mainly a private label company. As I love to see better future for generation, I started J&U. 

I am sure your parents had better time than you because they were happy..  I thought why now I’m not happy? Is it money or is it education?

I realize that it is how we grow, our parents grew with love and nature where we grow with technology.

I love to see everyone having same status and  children to grow with good internal education and etc.

I have seen lot of people do bad things due to lack of education and lack of personality development.  A person’s internal development should be good, which in turn will stop them doing bad things for society.

In my small age I have seen butterflies specially in our garden and I played with them which creates love and passion for environment and fellow humans. I miss that all..

In this development of technology, value of family is diminishing. Children love Ipods, IPads, etc. I think children do not have time for family and development of love for each other.  I am not saying no to technology but children should be less interactive with technology.

I can’t change the whole world, but I am trying to develop children the way I can. I am subscribed to an email program from which I received an email saying “realize that not every change must be huge” . 

Under the current law approaching children is really difficult; therefore I approach families who has children. Especially less fortunate families.

Finally quote from Mother Teresa

“Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.”


So, buy a small pack of J&U which will help to eradicate hunger of a child. That greatest love is appreciated and hope you will support by buying J&U products.

Let me know your thoughts and support me buying J&U products.