Among different types of teas available for you to purchase from the market, green tea has received a lot of attention. It can be considered as a variant of tea, which is linked to a rich history as well. The history of green tea is documented in most of the Southeast Asian countries as well. Therefore, it is important to take a look at the history of green tea and how it has evolved throughout the history.


Green tea first came into play during 2737BC. This was during the time of Shennong Emperor. Back in those times, people considered green tea to be a medicinal beverage. That’s because all the people who consume green tea were blessed with amazing health benefits.


The discovery of green tea was a coincidence. When Emperor Shennong was travelling, few green tea leaves have dropped into his cup containing hot water. Then he has experienced water in the cup turning into a dark color. The Emperor decided to go ahead and consume this water. That’s where he discovered the refreshing qualities associated with the beverage. You can still experience these refreshing properties of green tea if you buy loose green tea online. In fact, the nutritional qualities associated with green tea have remained constant throughout.


During the 5th Century, drinking tea transformed into a social convention. It spread across every corner of China. People established formalized tea ceremonies as well. In other words, it became closer to the social life of people. During this time period, steaming tea leaves came into play. The method of steaming tea leaves was refined and developed along with time and it has come to the status that we can see now.


Steaming has become a universally accepted method to prepare green tea. The steaming method of green tea that we use now was originated during the 8th Century in China. Steaming became so popular because of its ability to stop the enzymatic oxidation process of tea. If you don’t know, enzymatic oxidation is the process that contributes towards the darkening of tea leaves. With the help of steaming, it is possible to keep tea in the natural state as much as possible. Some people believe that preserving the greenish color of tea was introduced by the tea masters in Japan.


In the meantime, the tea masters in China introducing roasting and baking as the most preferred method to fix the tea leaves. At the moment, even the best green tea variants are gone through this method. If you buy green tea online, there is a high possibility for you to end up with a product that has gone through roasting and baking methods. During this process, green tea is placed in high temperatures for a short time period. It can enhance the flavor of green tea, while retaining all the nutritious benefits associated with it.