Why we live for? Does one person need everything? How much could we be happier if everyone has the same privilege we have?

Is it the choices that a person makes? If so, why this choice has not taken place? Do children need to suffer because of it?

With J&U we are planning to support children as children are our future. As per the currently prevailing law we can’t approach children directly, therefore we are supporting families who are less fortunate so that children will benefit for their education. With a solid education children will become good men and then good men last forever.

It’s just for a good cause –one sale of a packet for happier child.!

Person who supports for good cause should have some satisfaction too. Therefore, we sell premium range starting with Tea and Coffee.

 Better future for generations.

More about us

Head office:
Ceylon Tea Bags (PVT) Ltd
151 Biyagama Road
Sri Lanka

Our main core business is Private Label with the vision of being the largest diversified private label social enterprise (www.ceytb.com) .
To embed the social responsibility we have started J&U. You can read more about J&U from Brand section.

J&U supporter

I started this brand with a small capital but with good hearts.
I like to thank below persons who helped me to build this brand.

My parents : Jayantha Karunaratne and Illanga Karunaratne
Designer : Wasantha Gunawardane (www.ralisaa.com)
Australia Agent: : TharakaSomarathna